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Doctors use it as a non-surgical alternative to a face lift, called a suture lift or a thread lift. You can use it on areas of the face or neck to correct sagging wrinkles, lifting and tightening skin to appear smoother and more youthful. This could include areas such as the cheeks and cheekbones, the mid face, facial contours, jawline, eyebrows, or neck. The instalift suture is most suitable for men and women in their thirties to fifties whose skin still has a good support structure with minimal sagging and only early signs of aging.Order Silhouette Soft Online

Order Silhouette Soft Online

When you insert it beneath the skin, the suture helps physically lift and tighten the skin, and the cones help to keep the suture in place. The Poly-L-Lactic Acid in the suture also helps to stimulate the growth of new collagen in the area. This collagen then gives the skin structure and support, helping prevent the skin from sagging and wrinkling. The sutures and cones then gradually break down within the body.

How long does it last?

As you insert the sutures, the results will be visible immediately as the threads lift the skin. As the PLLA gradually dissolves within the skin, the new collagen growth remains, so the results usually last about eighteen months to two years. How long the results of the non-surgical facelift last depends on factors such as the patient’s lifestyle and rate of aging.

Why do doctors use SILHOUETTE SOFT®?

Doctors such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists use SILHOUETTE SOFT® to correct early signs of aging such as light sagging. In skin that does not have severe sagging, the sutures offer an alternative to a surgical facelift as they lift and tighten skin. SILHOUETTE SOFT® is most suitable for patients in their mid-30s to mid-50s who still have a good support structure for their skin and for locations such as the mid-face, cheeks or cheekbones, facial contours, jaw line, eyebrows, or neck. Some doctors prefer using SILHOUETTE SOFT® because it is a 30-minute outpatient treatment that they can combine with other aesthetic treatments or use on its own, and some patients prefer this treatment because it requires only local anesthetic, it has minimum downtime, and the results are long-lasting. The procedure is sometimes called a thread lift or a suture lift.Order Silhouette Soft Online


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