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BUY SUPLASYN ONLINE,Suplasyn containing sodium hyaluronate can be used to treat tissue damage or traumatic change in joints caused by osteoarthritis.Suplasyn replaces or substitutes lost synovial hyaluronic acid fluid between the joints to improve lubrication and mobility in patients, whilst reducing pain, so the joints are no longer rubbing against each other. Joints no longer feel stiff.BUY SUPLASYN ONLINE

What’s in the box?

20mg/2ml sterile Hyaluronic acid
1 x 2.0ml pre-filled sterile syringe
What are the benefits of Suplasyn?

Suplasyn’s essential properties can be used to :

Lubricate the synovial compartment
Act as a shock absorbent where cartilage has worn down
Help treat degeneration in mobility
Reduce pain by stopping further tissue damage
Improve and benefit physical mobility
How is treatment carried out?

Suplasyn is injected following administration of an anaesthetic to numb the joint from any pain. The patient usually sits comfortably or lies down. Treatment only lasts a few minutes.

What are the associated side effects with Suplasyn?

Side effects are usually mild and disappear after a few days. Redness and swelling are common reactions and can be combatted using an ice pack locally at the site of injection.


Hyaluronic acid, which is containing in every human joints, serves primarily as a lubricating component for all human joints. Since the eighties of the twentieth century, when the hyaluronic acid was successfully synthesized in laboratory conditions, injections in knee became soon one the most effective ways for curing osteoarthritis. Knee injections, which can be proceeded by the certified doctor in a clinic without anesthesia, may significally reduce the pain syndrome and increase level of the patient’s life for living as usual healthy people.

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