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Buy Neuronox 50 Units

Neuronox 50 Units


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Buy Neuronox 50 Units,Impeccable appearance is the dream of every person. It is for this reason that, with the advent of the first signs of aging, both men and women are looking for ways to prolong their youth, and especially the youthfulness of the skin, which, like a litmus test, reflects all the stresses that have been lived. Despite the possible risks and not a small price, botulinum therapy has been in great demand for many years – a quick and effective rescue from facial wrinkles. The procedure involves the injection under the skin of various drugs that relax the muscles and thus inhibit the formation of wrinkles and folds.Buy Neuronox 50 Units

Of the rather large number of products on the market, the neuronox muscle relaxant Neuronox, the highly effective development of the South Korean pharmaceutical company MedyTox , has been especially prominent , and has been successfully used in many European countries for more than ten years. Clinical studies and reviews are pleased with the patients proved that the drug is in no way inferior to the well-known American agent Botox from Allergan and can be used as its alternative.

The main advantages, composition and mechanism of action of Neuronox

The preparation is made of highly purified botulinum toxin A , produced in laboratory conditions by microorganisms Clostridium botulinum, skilfully blocking neuromuscular transmission. To stabilize the substance obtained, hemagglutinin and non-toxic proteins are used. Due to the large weight of the molecules ( 900kDa ), the local action of the agent is noted exclusively at specified sites without penetration into surrounding tissues.Attaching to the receptors of the motor nerve membrane, botulinumin penetrates into the cell by the natural process of endocytosis and, acting inside the cell, blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, responsible for neuromuscular transmission. As a result, the muscles relax, their overstrain is removed and blocked, the existing wrinkles are gradually smoothed out, and the new ones cease to form. This is the only way to influence the muscles of a person, allowing you to get rid of hateful folds in the shortest time and restore the skin to natural youth.Buy Neuronox 50 Units

Buy Neuronox 50 Units

Miorelaxant is available in the form of white dried powder, it has a low cost, compared with expensive analogues, and rarely causes allergies and other side effects if you entrust the procedure to a certified and specially trained doctor. Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, the effect of the drug remains on average five to seven months.

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